Rowan Alba – Nominated Charity for 2016

Edinburgh Blues Club is delighted to announce its nominated charity partner for 2016 as Rowan Alba.

Rowan Alba services work across Scotland today to support vulnerable people on their journey to a home of their own.

Rowan Alba works with those whose lives are chaotic often, but not exclusively, due to domestic abuse, drug or alcohol dependency or mental health issues. A combination of these factors can lead to homelessness, which makes the whole situation much more complex, and one not always solved by providing a roof over a head.

Rowan Alba services in Edinburgh, Perth and Kinross and Angus reduce the chances of people becoming homeless or, where this has happened, to provide people with the ongoing care and support they need.

All the Rowan Alba services described here are based on the following core values.

ACCEPTING people as they are – Rowan Alba’s work is built on the fundamental principle of the right of the individual to make choices about their lives in terms of health, relationships and lifestyle, challenging established practice based on the belief that services know what is best for people.

SUPPORTING those ready to move to a more independent life – Rowan Alba services offer a balance between independent, supported and communal living. Above all, staff and services are responsive to the changing needs, priorities and aspirations of each individual.

INCLUDING people in society – ongoing care for those who are not ready, or whose life experiences have left them unable to live independent of support.

The Rowan Alba concept is sound from so many angles – security of tenure, safety, choice, and respect. Dignity is achieved through the provision of cost effective quality accommodation, and care and support which recognises and values every single person as a unique individual.

The Edinburgh Blues Club will donate 20% of our merchandise profits and up to 25% of our community funded raffle proceeds and donations to Rowan Alba during 2016. We will also be hosting a fundraising concert ‘Blues for Rowan Alba’ in December featuring up and coming new blues acts.

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