EBC Fundraiser Showcase

Now that the EBC Open Meeting is done and dusted , lets look forward to March 7th 2014.  This will be the date for the EBC Fundraiser Showcase and will be open to members and non members alike to gather at the Voodoo Rooms , Edinburgh.

The lineup has been confirmed:-)   The ticketing should be in place by the 1st of February, so things are looking great for the 7th of March.



3 thoughts on “EBC Fundraiser Showcase

  • 10.15 Jed Potts & the Hillman Hunters
    Jed Potts & the Hillman Hunters have cultivated a stage performance which is exciting and spontaneous. The trio stay true to the traditions of blues music whilst taking risks. Whether laying back into a Freddie King ballad or digging-in to a hypnotic Muddy Waters groove, the band transmits power in ways other than speed and volume. http://www.facebook.com/jedpottshillmanhunters

    9.15 Fraser John Lindsay’s Blues Incentive
    This Glasgow-based group will have you out of your seat with their dynamite renditions of the classics, irresistible grooves, soulful ballads, and straight up good old Blues.Kenny Robertson and Tim Clarke’s undeniable rhythm section provides the drive for Fraser John Lindsay to whip anyone with a backbone up into a frenzy, and joining him are blues-soul vocalist Charlotte Marshall and the sensational Gordon Dickson on saxophone. http://www.fraserjohnlindsay.com

    8.15 The Black Diamond Express
    Despite a clear roots influence The Black Diamond Express somehow stay true to both Robert Johnson and the Sex Pistols. Led by the enigmatic Jack of Diamonds their combination of slide, acoustic and electric guitar over bass and fiddle, blues harp, banjo and percussion beguiles with the look, the sound and what really sets them apart the energy of railroad blues bona fides. http://www.theblackdiamondexpress.com

    7.15 Houndog Fraser & Rock Hunter
    Houndog and Rock met back stage between sets when they were playing at the 2007 Burnley Blues Festival for the Groovecats and the Blues Devils respectively. 6 years passed before they met again at a gig in 2013. Both have returned to their first love, acoustic blues and are gigging with a CD of all new tunes of good time, foot stomping whisky drinking blues planned for March. http://www.houndogfraser.com

    A raffle with various prizes will also take place, including the chance to win music lessons, a 6 monthly subscription to Blues In Britain, club membership and various CDs.

    Entry through membership at http://www.edinburgh-blues.co.uk from the start of February. On-line tickets will be available from WeGotTickets and other outlets to be confirmed.

  • Hi. I’ve been following this page and on Facebook for a few weeks, and I finally registered and subscribed today. I’d love to come along to the event on March 7th; having paid my subscription dues how do I apply for a ticket? Thanks, Paul.

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